The symbolism of colors on the Internet


Colors that you use on the Web for your website should not be chosen at random.

They are in part the key to the success of your digital image . The choice of colors therefore contributes to the quality of user experience .

Before choosing your colors, you will need to know your target . From one country to another, the symbolism of colors may change and will not give the same impression to people who visit your site.



The effect of colors on a website


Colors play on emotions of your visitors , they will influence them and a bad choice when creating your site can push Internet users to go to the competition.

In other words, the color of your website is the fastest, most direct way to make a great impression.

Far from your personal preferences, each color has a meaning clean, they have the power to communicate your message.



The different types of colors


  • Warm colors : red, pink, orange, yellow. Although energizing, they tend to over-stimulate Internet users. Combining them with cool colors will allow you to find a balanced result.
  • Cold colors : green, blue, purple. Widely used on the web, these colors have a calming and calming effect, but they can also be very impersonal.
  • Neutral colors : gray, black, brown. These are the ideal colors to temper and balance other colors.

All major sites today are following trends to create a digital identity , beyond the logo, the colors assigned to your website will allow you to recognize your brand.

There are codes depending on your activity and the context. For example: the color pink could be used as well to evoke the romanticism of a website as to suggest childhood.

web colors



The Meaning of Colors on the Web


Here is the meaning of some colors in Europe:

  • Blue : it is the color of trust, reliability and quality. This is why it is often found linked to the fields of medicine, banking and the legal professions.
  • The green : color of nature, this color is associated with calm, energy and luck. Sites based on ecology or travel often use it.
  • Purple : related to spirituality, creativity and imagination, in its darkest hues it is used in the fields of luxury and in its lighter hues it refers to romance. A so-called feminine color, it should be used with caution because it can make a site cold and distant in its darkest shades.
  • Brown : neutral color, reassuring and rustic, it refers to the earth, friendship, nature. Color that stimulates appetite by also referring to chocolate or coffee, it can be bland if not properly paired with another color.
  • Yellow : color of the sun, it is joyful and stimulating. Very punchy color to be used with caution. It can be found on information, tourism and agribusiness sites.
  • The White : can be used on all websites, it is the reflection of sincerity, cleanliness and purity.
  • Black : Strong color used to recall elegance, strength and intelligence, it can also be associated with death and authority. Be careful not to abuse it.
  • Grey : color of professionalism, it gives a balanced and relaxing image. Too present on a site, it can nevertheless seem boring.
  • The Red : ambivalent color, it represents love and passion as well as blood and violence. Powerful, it will be paired with black, brown or white to appease it. It is widely used in sport, eroticism and gastronomy.

To know : The most used colors on the web are blue and the green .



The colors that set the mood


There are many rules in the color association . In general we will keep in mind that to give a dynamic atmosphere on a website, the use of diametrically opposed colors will be relevant.

On the contrary, for a soft and calm atmosphere , the choice to harmonize similar colors in different shades will be preferred.

You can also associate 2 sober shades and a 3rd color that will contrast on very specific elements such as titles or call-to-action buttons.

Some colors are very interesting to associate to define an atmosphere on a site: green and yellow is a modern and pleasant combination. Blue and gray will be greatly appreciated by a majority of Internet users. Finally the c pastel colors are part of the latest trends in web design, they know how to mix without attacking the eyes.


These rules will have to be taken into account when choosing colors, but anything is allowed as long as your project is based on real reflection and a good analysis of your target . Follow your instincts or contact us to have the best advice for creating your website.