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Like the recent fire that devastated the servers of the famous host OVH in March 2021, no one is safe from an accident. Around 464,000 domain names and 3.6 million web servers who were connected to OVH were unavailable after the fire.

For the lucky ones, their site has been down for long hours, but for others, lost data will never be recovered. In the absence of another means of backup of the site and its database , this one is lost.

If you do not have a backup of your website and its database in a place other than at your host , the risk is potentially losing all your information if an accident occurs in connection with your host .

Even if the cases are rare, imagine the worst and the consequences for your business.

There are backup techniques making it possible to shelter all data from your website .


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A website and its database


Databases are used in all companies to store, analyze and organize data.

Within their database, these data are classified into rows, columns and tables. The database manages your information in real time, it searches, classifies and deletes data according to the work you do on your website .

For example, we find the following information:

  • Site contents
  • Online booking management
  • Inventory management etc.


A database is a way to store the information of your website . It is therefore attached to it and to put in a safe place to preserve the good working order of your website .



Save your website


As we have seen previously, an accident, although rare, can happen.

Lose his website , depending on your field of activity, will have more or less serious consequences. An e-commerce site that contains hundreds of pages and articles will be much more impacted than a merchant with a showcase page from his shop.

You can waste months waiting for the construction of a new site , a lot of money and customers, who will compete.

To avoid this kind of disaster, it is advisable to save your website externally .

The hosts generally offer a local backup of your site. This solution is not 100% reliable: the data on your site is internally saved .

The ideal is therefore to make a backup of all this data on an external server.

External backup solutions are very numerous and the best choice will depend on your needs, your accommodation, your company etc.

In a world where everything is dematerialized, losing your data can be catastrophic for a company. Backing up your site is called a “ backup », This is the only way to effectively protect all your data by placing it on an external server to the company and the host, which has already created internal backups of your website.


computer data backup


Entrust the security of your website to an expert

As a professional, owning a backup solution efficiency of your site is paramount.

When you subscribe to a backup solution through an external service provider, you entrust all of your data to an expert who will copy them to a dedicated and secure space.

What if the security of your digital image became the priority for this year 2021?

To deal with any data loss with peace of mind, contact us .