What is paid SEO?


Paid SEO , or SEA for S earch E ngine AT dvertising, designates the sponsored ads present on search engines.

These ads stand out very well from other links on search results pages because they are highlighted by Google . We are talking about paid referencing in opposition to natural reference , SEO, which allows you to place a site without paying for ads.

This paid action allows improve the visibility of its website , the time of the broadcast of sponsored ad .


In which case to put in place a SEA strategy?


Set up a paid referencing strategy allows to obtain a visibility of your site Internet ultra quickly, depending on the advertising budget.

By creating a quality ad, on a site that will have been worked on upstream in SEO and on the condition of setting the right budget according to the keywords chosen and competition: your site will benefit from excellent visibility, just a few minutes after uploading your sponsored ad .

You can extend the broadcast of this advertisement as long as necessary with Google ads , as long as you pay it.

  • To drive traffic to your website : the sponsored ads are very helpful. For example, when your website has just been created, while SEO is working, it is a good way to bring Internet users to your website.


  • To develop your notoriety : great way to immediate visibility . Promote your brand or one of your services that you want to promote.


  • Or for multiply conversions : bring quality traffic to your site by targeting the right audience in the configuration of your Ads campaign . Bringing in Internet users who are interested in your services, your products, makes it possible to maximize conversions.


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The Google Ads platform


Google ads is the main actor in the sponsored advertising on the Internet.

Its operation is complex, it is based on a system keyword auction . Google ads offers a version “ intelligent »Accessible to all: in this case Google takes care of a large part of the settings for your ads . Or you can access the “ expert », And there you will be alone faced with the many campaign settings.

The principle is to encourage advertisers to do bidding on a keyword very specific (the one you have chosen in relation to your service / brand / company) to appear among the 1st search results when an Internet user enters this famous keyword.

If for example you offer a home child care service, you will choose several key words related to this service: “child care” “home child care” “home nanny” etc.

If the maximum bid amount you place on any of these keywords is above your competition, you will rank ahead of them on the search results pages.

But then again, it’s not that simple. The budget will help you raise your sponsored ad , But the quality of your keyword will also have an impact in its ranking.

If you are prepared to pay more than your competitor but their ad is of better quality (in the sense of Google), then they can move ahead of you in the ranking.

In short : an advertiser with a very high bid but a quality score low, will not necessarily be placed at the top of the results. The writing of the ads, the choice of keywords as well as the quality of the landing page count a lot in the ranking of sponsored advertisements.


What is Google Ads based on for the Quality Score?


This numerical value assigned to a keyword on the Google Ads platform is between 1 and 10. The score is assigned according to the relevance of several parameters:

  • The quality of your ads in relation to the chosen keywords and the words present in the landing page of the sponsored ad.
  • The relevance of keywords on which are the auctions
  • The quality of the content of the landing page.

Basically , the relevance between:

keywords -> advertisement -> landing page.

The lower your score out of 10: the more you pay the cost per click (CPC). On the contrary, the higher your rating, the lower your CPC will be.

Google will take into account other parameters in the calculation of the quality score. Page load time, CTR (Click Rate), keyword ratio, long tail keyword usage, geographic performance etc.


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Entrust your paid SEO strategy to a digital agency


The creation and optimization of a Google Ads campaign cannot be improvised.

Start in your approach with sponsored ads is not always as simple as it seems. As often, this task can be very time-consuming and the potential configuration errors can generate an additional cost.

This is the reason why many companies entrust this task to specialized agencies.

Swiss Lemon, digital communication agency in Geneva , offers SEA packages tailored to its customers.

You want to know more about sponsored ads and the benefits for your business?

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