Email Marketing Campaign Report 2020


First, remember that a e-mailing campaign or email marketing designates the sending of ‘promotional emails to a list of customers, for prospecting, loyalty or information purposes.

According to a recent study by Moderator’s Blog , Netcore (AI-based emailing platform) brings many insights to allow marketing professionals to better understand user behavior and improve their experience.

Remember that sending emails to your customers or subscribers is an action of digital communication . It has several objectives and depending on the desired goal we will talk about email marketing campaign.

Email marketing denotes creation and sending emails to your list of customers allowing you to market, prospect or build loyalty. It aims to generate conversions. It also allows to increase your notoriety by making you known and improving your digital image by placing you as an expert in your field of activity.

At each stage of your relationship with your client, an email marketing campaign is interesting. They are used more and more, it is the most generalized marketing support. Email is currently the first commercial lever to achieve conversions.


What is the deliverability of an email?


The deliverability of an email , a term very often used during a email campaign , is the fact that the email sent reach the inbox of its recipient. The path taken by this email is strewn with obstacles, and nothing is easy. It will have to go through several spam filters and its content to be analyzed.

Deliverability therefore depends on several criteria including:

  • the reputation of the company sending the campaign
  • the frequency sending
  • the content email
  • the quality of the contact list
  • the reaction recipients

In this game, Africa has the better deliverability rate (97%) and banking is the leading sector. Southeast Asia gets the excellent average of 96% followed closely by India with 95%.

Europe ranks 4th with 91% just ahead of the United States with 90%.

The sectors that record the best deliverability rate behind banking (97%) are finance, entertainment industry and e-commerce with 96% deliverability .


Average open rate of e-mailing campaigns


For all sectors, the average email open rate is 12% and the average click-through rate is 0.5%.

In detail, it is insurance who gets the best open rate. The foodTech ranks 3rd thanks in particular to the development of delivery during the covid-19.

The palm of the better click-through rate amounts to education . This is explained by the enthusiasm of Internet users for distance learning during the coronavirus.

(Find all the figures on the Moderator’s Blog .)




Best practices for an emailing campaign


This report therefore provides us with valuable advice by analyzing this year 2020 which is coming to an end.

To improve performance of your campaigns here are some tips to follow:

    • the middle of the week : Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the better days for sending marketing emails
    • the Saturday and Sunday are the worst days.
    • the maximum length for the object is 40 characters (7 to 8 words)
    • the open rate is doubled if the object is custom
    • use videos in your emails
    • Insert pictures in your content
    • the STO functionality allows you to double your open rate

Swiss lemon will be your best ally in the creation and programming of your emailing campaigns.

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