What do we call digital identity?


Digital identity , also named Numeric identity or IDN , is the set of traces left on the internet by a company or an individual.

This information is collected by search engines as you navigate the Web .

A major issue in the digital transformation that has been going on for years, when it is well mastered, this digital identity in particular allows companies to be visible on the Internet and therefore to make themselves known.

We are not always aware of the traces we leave on the web as we navigate, our registrations on sites or our communication on social networks.

All this information is collected and made visible, which leads to the establishment of a public identity of our brand on the web.

Our Numeric identity is therefore simply the virtual image that we send back on the internet.


Digital identity and e-reputation


E-reputation is therefore the result of our image on the web: an e-notoriety . Not easy to master, this virtual reputation can favorably or unfavorably orient the opinion of your customers, your partners …

Some information that we leave on the internet can escape us and affect the brand awareness . Caution is therefore required on the web because the first instinct of a person to find out about a company will be to go online to obtain information.

  • What information do you want this user to find about you?

  • Will the results match the services you offer?

  • Will they represent the image you want to convey of your business?

All of these questions are legitimate, but there is no silver bullet for build a good e-reputation . It is essential to know what is visible about it on the internet and to master the different digital media on which you want to be present.

Go through a specialized agency or carry out a personal watch, the choice will be made according to your budget and the time you will be able to devote to this time-consuming work.


Swiss Lemon digital identity


The main players in e-reputation


  • Social networks : A company that has a professional account on social networks creates a community and therefore part of its identity on the internet. Brands can interact with users and users can group together around a brand and discuss about it: social networks are therefore the main players in e-reputation.


  • Search engines : Once the name of the company has been typed in the search engine, the most relevant results (in the eyes of the search engine) will come out. The results selected will be based on the best referenced content. It is in this sense that a search engine is a key player in a company’s e-reputation.


  • Online reviews : Online review platforms, more and more present on the Web, have a significant role in your digital image. Your online reputation will depend on the opinions, positive or negative, left on these platforms about you.


  • Exchanges with Internet users : There are many possibilities to interact with your Internet users. Among them we find blogs, email exchanges, forums … be careful to convey the good image of your company when you write on its behalf on the Web.



Managing your digital identity on the Web


The risks in terms of security and Protection of personal data are many. The first rule to respect on the internet: it is Security . Computer hacking, security breaches, phishing etc.

Think of protect your IT infrastructure as well as the traces that you leave on the web for protect your digital image .

You can type the name of your company into the search engine to see everything that is being said about you. But there are also many monitoring tools for further follow-up.

Google offers a tool to receive an alert when you are mentioned on the web: “ My presence on the web “With Google alert.


Swiss Lemon digital identity


Swiss Lemon your e-reputation ally


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