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Social networks

Promote your professional activity by passing by social networks has become essential today.

Belonging to a virtual community is very popular with users on the internet. Companies are increasingly engaging their customers through their community on social platforms.

All that touches to social networks when these are related to your professional activity, requires technical knowledge and specific digital communication: Choosing the right one social network depending on the services offered by your company, the moderation of comments , the creation of articles and the choice of visuals …

Answer to user comments , be very attentive to security issues (hacking, spammers, etc.), create impactful publications and visually adapted to your business … all this takes a lot of time and requires knowledge related to new techniques of digital communication .

For 34% of young people under 29, social networks influence their opinions about a brand.

The e- reputation of your brand

Each professional activity has its own social network.

Whether it be Facebook , LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter … Each targets a specific audience more or less suited to your customers.

In Swiss lemon , the publication of the various posts is done on professional platforms allowing a complete analysis of the performances.

Professional social networking services have developed considerably in Switzerland in recent years.

One of the best way to promote your business, social platforms can, if used correctly, increase your visibility. We speak in particular of e-reputation : the reputation of your brand on the web. By changing the way they interact with their customers, social networks facilitate the relationship between companies and their audience.

The advantages of being present on social media are many :

  • Achievement of new customers potentials
  • Tool for sell easily by directly addressing your audience
  • Publicity simple and fast
  • Tool competitive intelligence to keep an eye on the competition
  • Better page visibility of your site
  • Reduced advertising costs compared to TV or radio
  • Analysis of the profitability sponsored ads

Swiss Lemon :
your personal community manager

Our packages are adapted to a majority of companies. Despite everything, the Community management is difficult to supervise and there are many options available to you.

According to social networks chosen, the size and the notoriety of your brand as well as the digital communication strategy desired, Swiss Lemon adapts to your needs and offers personalized services.

Make Swiss Lemon your Community Manager .

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